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April 2015: Dr. Megan Williams Assumes Full Editorship of Ninnau & Y Drych

Dr. Megan Williams has assumed full editorship of Ninnau & Y Drych. Dr. Williams was appointed Associate Editor more than six months ago and - with each issue - she has assumed greater responsibility for the publication. Effective with the May/June 2015 issue, she has assumed full responsibility for Ninnau. All editorial communications may be addressed to Dr. Williams at:

Dr. Arturo Roberts, who will take the role of Editor Emeritus, expressed his thanks to all:

My serving as Executive Editor of the publication over a period of nearly four decades has been a source of great satisfaction for me, and so is my ability to pass the torch into such capable hands (and intellect) as those of Megan. No doubt you join me in wishing Megan much success in her new and important role.

I wish to express my thanks for the invaluable support that all our contributors have provided Ninnau over all these years. I doubt there is any other publication that can claim such a record of service from its contributors. For all of your good deeds, may I say Diolch o galon.

December 2005:  Ninnau & Y Drych Launches New Website

Ninnau & Y Drych has a new look, online that is. A new website was launched on Friday, December 5, 2005. We hope you'll enjoy this fresh, new look and updated information. Some sections of the website are still under revision, so please bear with us as we complete the transition. We expect all features to be updated by the beginning of the new year. Our thanks to Mair Bonnin, who created the new website, and to Marvin Hull who designed the first NINNAU website. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. See Contact Info.

November 2003: Merger of NINNAU & Y Drych

In November 2003, NINNAU editor and publisher Arturo Roberts announced the merger of NINNAU, the North American Welsh Newspaper®, and Y Drych, the Oldest Welsh Newspaper in the Americas. The merged newspaper is now called NINNAU & Y Drych.

The new NINNAU & Y Drych combines the youthful vigor of NINNAU with the long tradition of Y Drych. Features from both newspapers are included to bring the best of both to its readers. In addition, Editor/Publisher Roberts hopes to add more new features as the newspaper's readership continues to grow. Roberts thanks contributors to both NINNAU and Y Drych for all their past efforts and invites them to participate in the ongoing venture of NINNAU & Y Drych.

To help defray the costs of the merger, Roberts announced the formation of a Merger Fund. Readers, advertisers, and friends are invited to contribute any amount to help underwrite the cost of merging the two newspapers. Contributions may be included with subscriptions or sent separately to:

Merger Fund
Ninnau Publications, Inc
11 Post Terrace
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


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