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NINNAU & Y Drych is the North American Welsh Newspaper ®. It is the result of the 2003 merger of NINNAU, then the North American Welsh Newspaper, and Y Drych, the oldest Welsh newspaper in the Americas. Now united as one newspaper, NINNAU & Y Drych provides complete coverage of the North American Welsh community.

NINNAU & Y Drych is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the vitality of the North American Welsh community. To that end, we are guided by the following editorial policy:
  • Endeavor to maintain the North American Welsh informed of local and general news and events of interest
  • Publicize individual contributions to community life
  • Provide a forum for discussion and individual expression
  • Educate the Welsh people in their traditions
  • Serve as a link between North American Welsh people and organizations
  • Serve as a link between the North American Welsh people and Wales.
Here's how you can join us in promoting a vital Welsh community:

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